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President's Message

September 2020


Hopefully this message finds you all safe and healthy as we navigate through this unprecedented time.


To start out with, there has been a change with the Ohio Racquetball Association. After over 30 years of dedication Doug Ganim will be stepping down as President of the ORA. Doug is moving into the retirement phase of his life where I am positive he will be able to enjoy much more golf which I know is one of his other favorite things to do besides racquetball. Doug has done such a tremendous job growing Ohio racquetball and I am very proud to be following in his footsteps with the hope of continuing that growth even through these tough times. I am sure that you will still see him from time to time at some Ohio tournaments.


I am hearing from more and more of our Ohio racquetball friends that they have been able to get back onto the courts at their local clubs which is a great thing to hear. As you get back on the court, here are some considerations for safer play, simple ideas include using your own ball for play where you would serve using your own ball and then keep it in your pocket while your opponent serves. Sounds hard, but once you do it, it’s really easy.


Continue to visit this website to see what events we will be able to hold for this fall and winter. We are hoping to be able to run some great events this season, but we want to ensure that we do so safely. The 25th Annual US Open has been postponed to 2021, so we are looking to make this season’s state championships even more fun. I am happy to announce that Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club has agreed to host both the 2021 State Singles Championship and State Doubles Championship which we will be running separately again dates TBD. I am also putting together a series of 1-day Shootouts which should be fun. Look for a schedule of events to come out soon.


I am super excited to get started with my new role and am sure that we are going to get through all these rough times together. I look forward to seeing everyone again at some point on the racquetball courts all over Ohio.


I ask that you please consider renewing your ORA/USA Racquetball membership during these tough times if you can. We need your support to keep moving forward, you guys are the ones that keep this sport going! Thank you so much for your support!


Stay safe, and hit it hard, hit it low and don’t skip it!


Pete Ulliman, President Ohio Racquetball Association

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2021 UnitedHealthcare US Open

October 6-10

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